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Research & Publications

In addition to product R&D, another equally important area of focus for Arx Labs is close collaboration with academia. We realize the intimate connection between academic research work and commercially viable products. In light of that motto, TDI has reached out to several institutions of higher education in the larger Washington metro area and engaged with both researchers and students to establish a program of collaboration and mutual benefit. It is our hope that in the very near future, Arx Labs will have established a very robust summer internship program, which will allow students to both continue their advanced academic work (and possibly even earn credit for the internship) and also get exposed to unique requirements of commercially funded R&D. In our view, such programs of mutually-beneficial collaboration serve the interests of both the direct participants and the greater information security community.

Through the efforts of Arx Labs and the rest of the company's highly skilled staff TDI is committed to continue solidifying its position as a leading information assurance services provider, as well as its position of knowledge disseminator for the greater social benefit.

Here is a sampling of TDI’s involvement in the larger Information Security community:

Published Works

Managing Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) in Large Organizations

An Introduction to IDS; Road Warriors: Be Careful Out There

Business Continuity: Readying for the Unthinkable

PDA Security Policy – Worth Its Weight In Gold

The Evolution of IDS

It’s All in the Planning; Designing Secure Networks Based on the Software Process Model

A Brief History of Network Security & the Need for Host Based IDS

Revealing a Sound Method for Properly Securing a Network by Adhering to the Software Engineering LifeCycle Model

Asynchronous Transfer Mode

The Study & Development of a Real-Time Expert System Software Package for Chemical Batch Production Management

Al-Qaeda in Hacking War Says Head of Security Firm

Securing a Career

Lessons Learned

Forecasting the NASDAQ by Implementing Technical Analysis on a feed-forward Neural Net

Speeches Delivered

Wireless and PDA Security

IDS: From Start to Finish

IDS, IPS, and the Road to Come

Disaster Recovery

Securing Handheld Devices &

Controlling a Remote Workforce

Cyber Security and Terror

Subject Matter Expert Panel: IPS Versus IDS

The Cyber Realm and Terror: A Terrorist's Playground and a Means for Catching Them


Cyber-Terrorism - How America Deals with It

Information Security Life Cycle: Why We Need a Process Model

Good Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) Protection: Don't Forget to Brush Your Bluetooth

Experts Panel - Wireless Security: Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures

Wireless Security

Security Issues Using PDA and Wireless Technologies

Preventing IRC Trojans and the Importance of Egress Control

Publications and Audiences


Secure Computing Magazine


Montpelier Magazine

Washington Business Journal

European American Computer Audit, Control, and Security Conference

WTOP Interview Federal News

ISACA International Network Security Conference

MIS Training Institute WEBSEC 2006 Conference

ISACA Information Security Management Conference 2005

InternetWorld UK 2005

ISACA International Conference 2005

Contingency Planning & Management West Conference 2005

The North American Computer Audit, Control, and Security Conference

Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC)

Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) National Capital Chapter

George Mason University

The Undergraduate Research Journal

Journal of Nucleic Acids Research