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ARMY AWARDS Security Training

Since 2006, TDI has supported the ARMY AWARDS program with custom security awareness training that is tailored to the needs of a community that support global logistical operations. We have provided a wide variety of training to groups as small as 5 and as large as 100 on current information assurance topics that directly impact their operations. Topics include Security Awareness Training, Core Tenants of Army Regulation 25-2, and DoDI 8510.01 Compliance topics tailored to a wide variety of audiences to include Program Manager, Developers, System Engineers, and Software Testers.

TDI recognizes that information security is critical to any organization's information security strategy and supporting security operations. Employees often the last line of defense against security threats like malware, disgruntled co-workers, and malicious third parties. Therefore, employees need to be educated as to what your organization considers security-conscious behavior and what are current security best practices. TDI has developed and delivered security training for software developers, analysts, and testers that not only addresses all the core concepts required by the Department of Defense, but also incorporates information that is of specific relevance to the target community. By incorporating current threats, countermeasures, and best practices that are targeted to a specific community, we are able to better prepare that community for the specific hazards they may face in their daily business activities.