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TDI Employee Compensation & Benefits

TDI's employee compensation and benefits help to attract new employees, retain current employees, and nurture employees as they progress along their career path. Over time, TDI developed and evolved the compensation and benefits package, molding it to fit the desires and requests of employees. This responsiveness led directly to TDI's creative benefits package, available to all TDI full-time employees:


  • Competitive salaries: Salaries get reviewed annually (or more frequently)
  • Spot Bonuses: Employees recognized by clients for outstanding performance receive a Certificate of Excellence and get a cash bonus.
  • Referral bonus: TDI pays a minimum of $1,000 to employees that refer a candidate that works for TDI for at least six months.

Health-Related Insurance:

  • Medical Insurance: TDI provides elective health insurance to employees through CareFirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
  • Prescription Plan: TDI offers a $0 deductible Prescription Drug Program that covers both non-maintenance and maintenance prescription drugs. This plan is included under the cost of the selected medical insurance.
  • Dental Insurance: TDI's elective Dental insurance for employees covers a variety of preventive, diagnostic, and restorative procedures. There is coverage for both In-Network and Out-of-Network dentists. For Dental coverage, TDI covers 99% of the employee's premium costs and between 83% - 87% of the costs for all dependents.

Employee Development and Life-Enjoyment Perks

  • Professional Certification Reimbursement: TDI supports and encourages employees seeking to enhance their work-related credentials. Thus, TDI provides certification reimbursement benefits of $1,500 per certification (up to $3,000 annually) to employees that obtain technical certifications in the IA field. Reimbursement may cover preparatory classes, books and/or exam fees.
  • Education Reimbursement: TDI shows its commitment to the continuous professional and personal growth of employees by offering education reimbursement. TDI provides up to $5,000 per year for tuition reimbursement for courses with accredited educational institutions that lead to undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in Information Technology programs.
  • Fitness Reimbursement: TDI offers up to $500 per year to assist TDI employees in paying for registration/dues/membership in qualified health or well-being programs. Suggested uses of this benefit include direct membership in gyms/health-clubs, physical health classes (aerobics, yoga, karate, a personal trainer, etc.), and/or swimming pool membership.
  • Volunteer Day: TDI recognizes the value of giving back to the community. We encourage this attribute in our employees, and support it by allowing employees one paid day off to do volunteer work in the community for their favorite charity, parental chaperoning of children's school trips, or other philanthropic causes.
  • Parking Expenses: TDI provides employees with a set amount monthly to help offset some of the daily job parking fees.
  • Travel Assist/Connect: Through TDI's group coverage (TDI covers the entire cost), enrolled employees and their family members have access to Travel Assist/Connect. These services are available when traveling more than 100 miles from home regardless if it's for business or leisure. Travel Assist/Connect offers travelers Pre-Trip Assistance, Emergency Medical Transportation Services, Emergency Personal Services, and Medical Assistance Services.

Financial-Related Benefits

  • 401(k): TDI offers employees a fully administered 401(k) plan for retirement, with a company match component. Employees can elect to invest a portion of their salary pre-tax in a variety of stock and bond mutual funds. As an added incentive for employees to save for retirement, TDI matches up to 3% of participant's salaries, depending on the chosen elective salary deferral percentages (employees electing to defer 6% of salary or more will get the maximum 3% match from TDI). The Plan is fully automated, offering online access to check account balances, change deferral amounts, and change fund allocation.
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA): TDI's FSA, an elective employee benefit, allows participants to shelter wages - tax free - to pay for the cost of their out-of-pocket medical, dental and dependent care expenses. For employees with regular or predictable out-of-pocket health expenses, the FSA offers a terrific way to save money by paying less in taxes.

Disability and Life Insurance

  • Short-Term Disability Insurance: Free of charge, TDI offers employees income protection in the event of short-term injury or sickness. TDI covers the entire premium for employee's short-term disability insurance, which offers compensation for up to 12 weeks for each period of disability.
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance: Free of charge, TDI offers employees income protection for extended periods of time in the event of injury or illness. TDI covers the entire premium for employee's long-term disability insurance. Benefits of up to $5,000/month begin the 90th day of disability and continue at a minimum until the participant reaches the age of 65.
  • Life Insurance: Free of charge, TDI offers life insurance to employees. In general, beneficiaries receive one year of employee's earnings (maximum of $150,000).

Benefits Fostering Innovation

  • Innovation Program: Understanding that our employees are a great source of ideas, our goal is to recognize innovation in the field of cyber security. Consequently, TDI established the TDI Innovation Program to foster creative thought and development of ideas, tools, and/or products that will support the growth of TDI. TDI provides monetary rewards to employees who submit a patent, obtain a patent, and hopefully commercialize the solution associated with said patent. This benefit is intended to help employees participate in the creative business growth of the company.

Our Mission & Values

  • Providing our clients with high-quality Information Assurance and Cyber Security services.