About TDI Overview

Capabilities Overview

Compliance Services

IT/IS Audit

TDI’s team of Auditors help analyze, report, and correct deficiencies in IT or cyber security.


Policy & Process

TDI helps you implement “best practice” methods, policies, and guidelines.


C & A

TDI helps a variety of organizations adopt and comply with C&A processes.


Security Training

Receive training from recognized experts in the cyber security industry.


Private Impact Assessment

Maintain compliance with the Privacy Act through assessment and improvement plans.


Instrusion Response

Prepare for potential threats by maintaining a cyber security "best practice" response program.


Security Configuration Management

Reduce business risk by maintaining a secure and configured IT environment.


Risk Assessment

Conduct risk assessments to protect your data and develop strategies for information control.



Supporting the C&A process, TDI investigates safeguards required to protect your organization.


System Security Plan

TDI helps you develop SSPs to maximize the benefits of C&A efforts.



Ensure efficient and consistent security management to enhance cyber integrity.


Business Continuity

Maintain successful and continuous business operations despite unexpected events.