About TDI: Our Mission & Values

TDI's main goal is to bring superior cyber security services to our customers while fostering a challenging and welcoming work environment for our employees. Our mission and values support that goal; so do our every-day activities.

TDI Company Vignette

TDI was founded in 2001 to pursue Cyber Security as its core competency. Since inception, TDI has led or participated in more than 100 separate information security tasks in the government and commercial areas around the world. TDI has outstanding credentials in its core capabilities of penetration testing, program management, information security, C&A, FISMA compliance, and all areas of cyber security engineering. We pursue the latest developments in information security through active lecturing at international information security conferences, publishing information security articles, and working on the cutting edge of information security development programs.

Mission Statement

"We provide our clients the peace of mind that their business is running in a safe and secure environment. We do this by delivering high-quality, innovative information assurance and cyber security services and solutions."

Vision Statement

"TDI will be an acknowledged global leader in information assurance and cyber security by delivering outstanding service and superior outcomes for our customers."

We Believe

  • Employees are our primary source of strength
  • Employees should enjoy their work, feel part of the company, and share in its profits
  • Our clients deserve the top talent in Information Assurance
  • Total access to senior management and openness with each other is a cornerstone to our success
  • Our work environment promotes and rewards employee initiative
  • A flexible organization is always open to new ideas and solutions
  • Our well managed growth preserves our culture
  • We have a responsibility to contribute meaningfully to the field of Information Assurance, influence its growth, and set the standard.

"TDI provided expertise and training to our consortium of large global customers and they came through time and again."

Gaston Boisson
Director, BDA Global