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SmartCEO names TDI on its Top 100 list

Decades of experience providing security services around the globe.

TDI is a Cyber Security company dedicated to providing services as well as developing and implementing solutions to protect our clients from cyber threats. We secure our customers’ information and the systems and networks that house that information from unauthorized access, disclosure, disruption, or destruction. As the use of the Internet as both a business and communication tool continues to expand at an exponential rate, the need for protecting information is vital to our continued prosperity, growth, and freedom. TDI is fully committed to the cause of information security and assurance. Our pool of cyber security professionals display this passion every day, from developing tools and formulating solutions in our R&D Lab, to working side by side with our clients to provide information security services (e.g. vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, FISMA compliance, disaster recovery, intrusion detection, cryptography, security policy and governance, etc.) to protect their data and support their mission. We partner with government, private industry, and academia to further the cause of securing cyberspace and defending systems and networks from today's most pressing cyber threats.